The General Idea

Literary theory says that there are really only four types of conflict to be had, when boiled down to the simplest of narrative structures. Man vs. Man. Man vs. Society. Man vs. Nature. Man vs. Self. As any writer will tell you, most of the battle of writing is…well actually writing.

Since I was seven-years-of-age, I have wanted to be a writer. Alas, there always seemed to be things getting in the way: school, family, work, capitalism telling me that I could never be a writer because I wouldn’t get paid doing it, a distinct lack of active pursuit of my dreams. I chose a safer path in life and decided to become a librarian, and so go to graduate school after college, seeking out work in my local library system to get experience while I pursued my degree.

Funny thing is, nothing worked out the way I expected it to. That was rather frustrating as I am a planner. I make a plan and I stick to it, come hell or highwater. It’s probably one of my best and worst qualities all at the same time. And after I graduated my undergraduate, nothing went according to plan. Still hasn’t, in fact. Almost a year later, and I still haven’t gotten a job with the local library system. After not getting yet another job that I applied for with them (that made fifteen or sixteen if you were wondering), I decided maybe I had better look at my life, and maybe change the plan.

After all, what good was getting an MLIS if I didn’t have the experience to back it up? What good is a plan where so many things have changed, it really out to be covered in red ink? Why am I still doing these things when most of the time they make me miserable, and they aren’t really what I want to do with myself, anyway?

So here I am! Starting another blog! Making a new plan! Doing what I actually want to do! Hurrah!

Because for as long as I can remember, what I have always wanted to do, was write. I’ve decided to take Neil Gaiman’s first rule of writing into consideration and just write. But more than that, I’ve decided I want to do the distance with this.

To that effect I sat down and brainstormed some goals for the summer of 2015, which starts after my classes end on May 3rd. May will be the month where I free write every thought I have toward a novel-esque creation. In June, I’m going to work on mapping out the free write, so in July the novel-esque will just become a novel. In August I plan to actually start showing people this creation of mind and get some feedback. Along the way I want to do a lot of reading and blogging to keep me on process.

At the end of August I want to start researching agents and sending query letters. Because really, what I wanted to do with my life was be a writer and get published. By no means do expect to get rich, or be the next JK Rowling. But I think I’ve half-heartedly, pig-headedly pushed for things I do really want for a long time. So I think, if I put all of that energy I was previously using on things that were going to keep me safe and in a box of security, toward doing something a little more daring, something I actually want to do, I may just get it done.


One thought on “The General Idea

  1. First of all: congratulations! You’ve taken the first step toward doing something daring, and I’m so excited for you. I hope that it makes you happy, and gives you a real sense of victoriousness when you kick it in the ass.

    Second: I love how smooth your tone of voice is in your writing. It’s a pleasure to read.

    Third: I also love your blog’s theme. I am currently resisting the urge to steal it. 🙂


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